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Find People

Searching for people using the internet doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, if you know where to look for someone it can be quite easy. In this section, you will read about the various tips and resources on the web for finding people.

Current Tip

Evaluating Web Sites

We use the web all the time to quickly gather information - but finding facts and people is only half the battle. How can you evaluate how trustworthy a website is? There have been plenty of famous scams and spoof...

by Julian Sher - May 14, 2010

Recent Tips

Get an Alternative View of the Economy

Times of crisis in the financial system are always a good opportunity to check out what long-standing critics of that system have been saying.

by Julian Sher - May 28, 2009

To Find People, Think Before You Click

Find people using a variety of resources and online tools. Read about how to look for someone using the internet.

by Julian Sher - July 29, 2009

The Invisible Web

One of the biggest myths about the web is that is easily searchable. With the speed and accuracy of search engines like Google, people assume everything on the web is easily accessible and at their fingertips. If they haven't found...

by Julian Sher - May 14, 2010

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